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Can You Feel That? I’m Hugging You Right Now

You guys! I’m not sure if it was because of the train wreck potential of last week’s child stylist entries, or just that I posted with more frequency. Still, I am pleasantly surprised by how many clicks The Wild Rumpus has gotten since last weekend. It’s the most I’ve ever had in a week — it spilled into the four digits!

It may not be much by other people’s standards — folks who have the backing of a huge website, or who have been consistently blogging for years, or who have thousands of followers — and that’s OK. It was a ton for me, a random mama bird babbling in my miniscule slice of the Interweb.

And I genuinely appreciate it.

Pony hugs

I started this blog last fall as a way to do some non-work-related writing; to record the funny, touching and challenging things about parenting; and to opine on the occasional random thought that floats through my noggin.

People have very little free time these days and infinite ways to spend it, so when you wind up here, with me, it gives me all the feels.

Many of the clicks came through The Wild Rumpus Facebook page (still working to update this more, but I’ll love you forever if you “like” us right here), and my personal Facebook page. I’m not sure how everyone else wound up here, but I am grateful beyond belief.

Lastly, a big high-five to the chunk of new followers who joined the party this week. Welcome, and thank you. (Tell your friends to come! The more, the merrier.)

My kids are going back to school tomorrow after a (looong-ass) February break, so I’m gonna party like it’s 1999. Right after I take a Rip Van Winkle-style nap. Then I’ll be back with more.

See y’all soon.



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