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Military PJs, a preschool rendering of Smashmouth and the longest lunch ever

Today, I took my three-year-old daughter, Sweet Pea, out to lunch. We were there an hour and 20 minutes — the longest lunch I have participated in that did not involve other grown-ups and adult beverages.

But it’s important to live in the moment, even if your food gets cold. And since we didn’t have anywhere to be, that’s what we did.

A number of things served as distractions, the first of which were the soccer highlights on the TV.

She goes, “Mom, I know who’s gonna win this soccer game!”

“Who?,” I said.



It was actually a light-skinned Brazilian guy that popped up on the screen, but I was impressed she knew that name was associated with sports. With a TV sports anchor for a father and a sports fan big brother, she’s heard athletes’ names tossed around enough to know that King James is a favorite in this house.

Later, three Army men in uniform walked up to the drink machine at the same time as us. She pointed to them and goes, “Mom, look! Those guys are all wearing their PJs!”

They all laughed, thankfully. I explained to her they weren’t pajamas, but uniforms. I said the men were soldiers and help keep us safe. She was all, “Mooo-OM! These boys aren’t shoulders. They HAVE shoulders.”

Right. Of course.

The soldiers sat down behind us, and Sweet Pea kept walking over and smiling at them. Soon, she decided it was time to have a dance party to the crappy music playing at Qdoba. And after that, she busted out with her new favorite song: “All Star,” by Smashmouth.

It’s a step up from the four months she was obsessed with “Gangnum Style,” but a definite downgrade from her “Uptown Funk” stage.

At some point, she actually did eat a burrito, and some chips and guacamole. Now, she’s upstairs napping and I can’t stop watching her funny rendition of All Star.

Anyhoo, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a snippet of her performance:

Happy Friday!

2 comments on “Military PJs, a preschool rendering of Smashmouth and the longest lunch ever

  1. Lutheranliar
    July 13, 2015

    Cutest post of cutest girl EVER!


  2. xoxolovedee
    July 13, 2015

    Aww, she’s a cutie! And she puts me to shame with her knowledge of sports. Lol


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