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I Changed My Baby’s Name

This blog is kind of like a newborn.

Much like the first time I became a mother — albeit to a real, live child and not a web page — I am just kind of winging it.

Because I didn’t waddle around with this blog in my belly for 10 months, I never really considered what to name it. In fact, that was the hardest part about starting it, actually. And I wasn’t really happy with the names. I’ve always been better at writing stories than headlines.

So, I’m changing the title to The Wild Rumpus (a nod to one of our favorite books, Where the Wild Things Are) because it more accurately reflects the content of the blog. And, I’m switching up the backdrop because a) it is less busy, and b) I like pink and am unashamed about it.

But, everything else will remain the same… including my appreciation to you for visiting, reading and commenting.

I am drowning in work at the moment, but I hope to get back here with a fresh blog later in the week.

Much love, party people.

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