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Big Changes Mean Frozen Tears… and Joy

It’s been a big week for my Sweet Pea, and for our family, too.

Now that she’s finally old enough, Sweet Pea started preschool on Tuesday. She woke up excited to go, picked out her own outfit (which included a Frozen shirt and pink tutu) and wasn’t at all apprehensive.

Since she used to come with us to drop off Superhero last year, the set-up is familiar to her. But she’s also my brave, big girl — always eager to experience all life has to offer.

When she walked out to the car Tuesday morning, she had put on her own mittens and wanted to carry her own bags.

The bag of snowpants and boots were almost as big as her -- no problem.

The bag of snow pants and boots were almost as big as her — no problem.

She also had specific plans for her schooling: “I don’t want to meet any boyfriends, Mommy. Only girlfriends.”

Hey, sounds good to me, darlin’. I hope you’re still staying that when you’re 15.

Anyway, my husband and I took her together, and she didn’t cry when we left. That’s all I could ever hope for.

I didn’t think I’d cry, either. After all, everything is easier with the second child. Plus, I know and love the staff at this preschool, and she was overjoyed to be there.

But, she’s also my baby girl. So obviously, I sobbed as soon as we walked out the door, the tears freezing to my face as they emerged from my eyes.Those whiners in Arendelle thought they had it bad in Frozen, but sonofabitch, it’s been cold this week.

Sorry, Elsa. Mother Nature kicked your ass this week.

This was at our house this morning. Sorry, Elsa. Mother Nature kicked your ass this week.

Once I was done crying, my husband and I went to the gym together. I have to say, it felt pretty awesome to spend time with him alone — no tots grabbing at our pants or haranguing us for more fruit or another bowl of Cheerios.

We both will miss the little cutie pie. But I’m already plotting how I can use the time each week: To have date days with my hubs, since we both work at night. Go to the gym. Volunteer in the library at my son’s school. Work a few hours during the day, so I can actually chill at night after the kids go to bed. To blog, which I haven’t done forever. To go food shopping alone, or — gasp! — read a book. Shower in peace. Take a snooze. Get a haircut. Clean up the house. Attack the laundry monster in the basement. Basically, all the things I stress out about not having enough time for.

Suddenly, three hours doesn’t seem like that much time at all. But no matter how I choose to spend the time each Tuesday and Thursday, having that break will make me a better, more focused parent. And it will allow my husband and I more time together. And I am totally down with both of those things.

Also, I know she’s going to grow so much during her time away from us. In fact, when I picked her up today, she told me about her snack (cantaloupe), and that her friend from gymnastics class was there, that she made me an art project, and that she loved playing on the slide in the big room. “Mommy,” she concluded, “I REALLY LOVE school.”

Sweet Pea's first art project from school.

Sweet Pea’s first school art project.

So do I, baby doll. So do I.

3 comments on “Big Changes Mean Frozen Tears… and Joy

  1. xoxolovedee
    February 5, 2015

    aww!!! what a sweetheart. why is it always harder on us than it is on them?


    • Maisy Fernandez
      February 5, 2015

      My mom says things like this are always harder on the person left behind. I think she’s right… they have a new adventure going on, and we are left with coffee and tears.
      Thanks for reading. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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