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What is all this crap in my purse?

Graduating from a diaper bag to a regular purse is nothing short of exhilarating, especially if you had back-to-back kids and carried a diaper bag for, say, five years in a row.

I still remember the day last year I sold my Petunia Picklebottom Diaper bag on eBay. I was like, “Sayonara, sucka!”

Oh sure, parents still have to pack along some extra items with little kids. But for the most part, I get to carry a handbag I like again, and most of the things in it are mine.

But then one day, I’m at the grocery store trying to pay, and I find myself wading through a bunch of extra items, having no idea how or when they got in there.

How did this naked baby doll (name: Tiny) get in here? Why do I have a Spongebob golf ball in my zipper pocket?

Here are the things I regularly carry in a purse: iPod, wallet, phone, keys, lipstick, a pen, driving glasses and my trusty Rosebud Salve.

Friday, when I went to change purses, this is all the shit I pulled out:

Purse crap

Extra things: A Minnie Mouse play camera, a Red Sox baseball, three stale pretzel Goldfish, a fruit stick, empty snack container, half-eaten Mott’s applesause pouch (lid rolling around separately), Disney Princess Belle’s hand-held mirror, a spare barrette, a kids necklace, some receipts, a grocery list, a blue Sharpie, an extra Bobbi Brown lipstick I haven’t seen in years, and a coupon to the Stride Rite store.

**Tell me I’m not the only one this happens to, please. What random kid stuff is in your handbag RIGHT NOW?

One comment on “What is all this crap in my purse?

  1. xoxolovedee
    October 13, 2015

    LOL!! I just glanced at the picture and was like “are those pretzel goldfish?” Gotta look at the positives, at least your wallet was in there? 🙂


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