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The baby robin project: From eggs to fledglings (17 photos)

I’m playing  a bit of catch-up here, but this was too cool not to share, even if it’s late.

Over summer, a mama robin built her nest upon the hose caddy attached to our house. It’s about as tall as my armpits, so it was easy to peek in and check out the happenings.

When the babies hatched, we let them live in peace, but I did take some photos each day. It’s amazing how quickly they went from looking like creepy, see-through tadpole thingies to real birds. I admit, I got attached to the little guys, and I had such a nice vantage point. It’s not something you get to see every day. I think my favorite stage was when they had tiny, feathery Mohawks.


Toward the end, the photos aren’t as exciting because they were old and alert enough to realize I was there and were like, “Who the hell is this lady? Maybe we should peck her eyes out.” I mean, they were my homies and all, but birds are still unpredictable. So I just held my phone above them, snapped a pic, and hastily rolled out.

If we are friends on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw some of these. But here’s the whole progression of Lala and Hoo (named by Sweet Pea, 4) over 17 days. It’s mind-boggling how quickly they changed, even from day to day.

Hope you’re flying high out there, little guys. Thanks for sharing the beginning of your lives with us.

One more thing: Please don’t poop on my car.

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2 comments on “The baby robin project: From eggs to fledglings (17 photos)

  1. Daina Brower
    September 15, 2016

    It’s so fun to see the pictures all together! What a great biology lesson!


  2. Lutheranliar
    September 16, 2016



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