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Chasing zombies, leaves and childhood

I admit, my heart broke a teensy bit when my seven-year-old son son announced he wanted to be a “bloody zombie” for Halloween. It was such a drastic departure from his previous, wholesome get-ups that it kicked me right in the feels.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I want him to express himself as he chooses. But it’s been hard to accept he’s a big second grader now, especially as Facebook brings up all the photo memories of past costumes and Halloween outfits. A pea pod, skeleton, DJ Lance Rock and Plex  (from Yo Gabba Gabba), a tiger, Batman, Captain America, Luke Skywalker.


Goodbye Plex the robot, hello flesh-eating undead. 😦


Now don’t get me wrong. I am huge fan of The Walking Dead, and I looooove to do Halloween makeup. But this has always been my little tyke… and now he was ready to be something scary.

I spent much of October trying to figure out how he got so old on me. Our conversations have more depth now, and he is extremely inquisitive. He’s a stickler for being on time. My social life pales in comparison to his. He’s growing up.

And then something happened. We went to Party City to get the zombie makeup and he hesitated. The pictures on the packaging were a little too scary for him. He still wanted to do it, but he wasn’t down with too much blood or nasty teeth or dangling skin.

My young guy was still in there.

And I began to examine all the ways he’s still just a little kid. I am really, truly embracing it.

After all, he runs to hug me when he gets off the bus. He still gets excited when I buy him matching PJs. He wants to cuddle before bed and sometimes needs help tying his shoes tightly enough. When he has a bad dream, it’s because he lost a car race or didn’t score a goal in a soccer game. So innocent.

Last week, he was trying to catch fall leaves whooshing off the trees on a windy day. And I could have watched him do it for hours and hours.


Yes, he’s still going to be a bloody zombie on Halloween night. But he also chose an alternative costume for a preschool birthday party, and his Halloween parade at school. And guess what? It lives up to the nickname I gave him for this blog.

I present the Superhero, and his sister, Elena of Avalor (aka Sweet Pea). Still my babies. For now.






One comment on “Chasing zombies, leaves and childhood

  1. Lutheranliar
    October 28, 2016

    OMG! Cuteness overload. But I do sympathize. In my case, I got the heebeejeebies when The Child dressed as Wonder Woman. When she was 17. Cleavage. Really really scary.


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