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Denied at the Grocery Store

It was a pretty great morning, as far as Mondays go.

My daughter and I were grocery shopping, which has become much less painful now that she’s 2.5. She gets into it now.

She got excited choosing her yogurt flavor (strawberry). She reminded me of items on the list really, really loud (“Don’t forget Dad’s BAAAACON!”). And she broke out into a dramatic dance in the aisles as “On the Wings of Love” by Jeffrey Osboune is piped through the speakers (obviously, it involves her pretend-flying with wings).

We were having a blast, checking things off the list along the way.

So, as she hugged my leg while I chose some orange sweet peppers, I asked her, “Can I please get a kiss?”

Her reply: “Mooooo-oooooom! That is NOT on the list.”


Dude! I got shot down! And then I cracked up, because technically, she was right. Looks like I’m going to have to introduce my little pal to some Hall & Oates.

One comment on “Denied at the Grocery Store

  1. thehonkinggoose
    October 8, 2014

    You know all this time I thought they were called Holland Oats? LOL You learn something new every day.

    Liked by 1 person

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