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I Almost Had a Heart Attack Today

My kindergarten superhero told me to come look at something in his room today.

Normally, when I receive such a request, I can expect to find something like a huge pile-up of Hot Wheels, on which I will accidentally injure myself later; or some kind of crazy stunt he’s trying to teach his little sister.

So, I stepped in with caution and peeked around the corner.

“Look!,” he said, proudly. “I made my bed!”

Had I not had enough coffee? Who is this young man, and where is the little rug rat who used to occupy this room?

It’s not that making one’s bed is super difficult. It’s that he did it on his own, without us asking. Mornings are usually a mad rush around here. Bed making is not on the agenda.


Not bad for a first-timer. Way to go, Spider-Man!

So proud of my pal. Another step toward self-sufficiency. I’ll take it, even if it means he needs me a little bit less today.

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