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Have a Dee-sgusting Christmas

My kids are really getting into Christmas music this year. Tonight, we were looking through the On Demand choices on TV because they love the festivity of a good Christmas video.

We watched a few really sweet ones (man, I love Mary J.  Blige!) and then my son, 5, randomly chose “Silver Bells” by Twisted Sister because he liked the name of the group.

I was skeptical, but I was like, how can Dee Snider and company possibly mess up a lovely tune like Silver Bells?

Well, the song was what I expected — a hair band interpretation of the ditty. Fine, no biggie.

But the video? Holy shitballs, that was something I can never un-see.

The gist: A prissy woman plays Twisted Sister’s video at Christmas time, and all of the sudden, a raging party ensues in her living room. And her baby turns into…




I don’t often have a lot in common with super uptight ladies, however, these images had me right in sync with the subject of the video.

horrified lady

My son thought the babies were hilarious. But my daughter, who obviously prefers her sweet, cute baby dolls goes, “Mommy, those babies are DEE-sgusting!”

Now, that’s just how she says disgusting, but it was particularly fitting, since Dee Snider was by far, the most disturbing infant I’ve ever seen.

Good night! I’m off to have some nightmares.

3 comments on “Have a Dee-sgusting Christmas

  1. mamalisa4
    December 17, 2014

    Thats just wrong!


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