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Child Stylists, Day One

Last week, I saw a story about a mother who let her toddlers style her and then recorded a week’s worth of ensembles.

It inspired me to do the same because, why not? The kids are over the moon about it. Plus, I’ve surely worn more ridiculous things in my lifetime than they could ever come up with. The hot pink MC Hammer pants and mountain of ratted, permed hair that live on for eternity in my high school senior picture come to mind.

Today’s outfit was a team effort. Superhero, 5, chose the skull shirt, jeans and necklace. Sweet Pea, 2, picked the blue floral shirt and shoes — ideal for shoveling our latest 16 inches of snow.

Obviously, I swapped them out for a pair of Sorels when it was time for us to clear the driveway and walkways.

But all in all, it could be worse. Anything that doesn’t have a droopy crotch for doing the running man is all right by me.

Obviously, the shoes had to be traded in for a pair of Sorels when it was time to go clear snow.

6 comments on “Child Stylists, Day One

  1. Rachelle Foster Stephens
    February 16, 2015

    Oh my god Maisy, I love you.


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