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Our Plan For February Vacation: Toddler Stylists

Today, I saw this story about a mother who let her two-year-old style her wardrobe for an entire week, and then recorded the results.

What an adorable and inspiring idea. My husband lets our children choose his work ties each day, but to see them pick out entire outfits? Fun. Since I work from home (and thereby don’t risk the humiliation of showing up at the office in a potentially crazy or inappropriate ensemble), I’m going to let them take turns styling me next week.

Tonight, I told the Superhero about it, 5, and his grin slowly sprawled across his face. “Yay! Thank you, mommy! I can’t wait!” His enthusiasm for getting me dressed was astounding, considering the number of times we ask him each morning to get his clothes on for school.

My daughter, who turns three next month, already has a strong sense of personal style, so I’m eager to see what she picks out. She’s never met a tutu she didn’t like, and enjoys wearing every hair accessory she owns at the same time.

Sweet Pea chose her own outfit for her first day of preschool in January.

Sweet Pea chose her own outfit for her first day of preschool in January.

Should be interesting! Also, it just occurred to me I should spend the weekend weeding out things that are too small. I don’t want to traumatize anyone in the name of fun.

Stand by … I’ll post some pics.

6 comments on “Our Plan For February Vacation: Toddler Stylists

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  5. Crystal
    March 12, 2015

    What a fun idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maisy Fernandez
      March 12, 2015

      Thanks — I wish I would have thought of it myself, but I’m glad another mom did it and inspired me. It was such a fun week, and a great way to bond with the kids. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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