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Child Stylists: Day Four, Not to Be Seen in Public

Some things in the world should never be seen by human eyes, let alone posted on the internet to be seen by any person who stumbles across my humble blog.

Today’s ensemble — day four of the child stylist project — is one of them.

Mostly because of the shoes. Let’s get it out of the way, like ripping off a stubborn Band-Aid: They’re Crocs.

I bought them when I was 9 months pregnant in the debilitating humidity of a Kentucky summer. My feet, which I couldn’t even see, would not fit in any of my shoes. But since they were out of view, it made it easier to just say eff it and wear comfy, rubber shoes.

These days, I wear them outside pick up dog poop from the back yard, or when they kids are playing in the kiddie pool out back. Or, as it turns out, when I let my children choose my outfits.

Shoes make, or break, the outfit, man.

Shoes make, or break, the outfit, man.

Sweet Pea, 2, said she wanted me to wear pink and selected a watercolor effect tank top with a pink cardigan. Nothing goes better with bright pink than a pair of (way too tight) turquoise jeans, so she of course grabbed those.

Superhero, 5, chose the pink Crocs to match my top half. He realized it was too cold to wear sandals, so he rifled through my sock drawer, settling on some black socks with purple bows royal blue detailing to complete today’s horror show of fashion. Nothing says “Hi, I’m an 80-year-old man” like a pair of sandals with black socks.

He finished it off with a purple and white beaded necklace with an amethyst pendant.

Thankfully, we had a play date over here today, so I didn’t have to go anywhere.

Tomorrow will conclude our five days of fun. I can hardly wait to see the grand finale!

See the previous entries: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

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